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SX4 Sport Crossover - The SX4 offers some of the best features of a sporty compact and an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle).

Under a development concept of "X-over revolution", the DNA of Suzuki's compact car was complemented by a crossing of its innovations in sporty compacts and its tradition in light SUVs.

Suzuki DNA, innovation, and tradition individually translate into quality automotive engineering yet it is the crossing that gives the Suzuki SX4 its real strength and identity.

The car's unprecedented, dynamic and elegant crossover design reaches out to people who lead outgoing lives as the car extends their potential to go places and bring new dimensions to their lifestyles.

SX4 Sport Crossover Plus, like all Suzuki vehicles, the Suzuki SX4 embodies the company's "Way of Life" philosophy and brand vision, in that it offers driving pleasure, is fun to use, and offers pride of ownership.

The all-new Suzuki SX4 crosses more than concepts and traditions. It crosses seasons and occasions to offer new possibilities and lifestyles.

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